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John Høybye

© Lars Skaaning
Born: 1939

John Høybye is an outstanding personality in Danish choir circles. Tritonus and John Høybye have been inseparable for more than 30 years. Furthermore, John Høybye is well-known as an inspiring instructor at choir festivals and seminars at home and abroad. He is engaged as associate professor of music at the Royal Danish School of Educational Sciences in Copenhagen. As a composer John Høybye now has an increasing audience outside of Denmark. Many of his compositions have been published in other Nordic countries, in the U.K. and in U.S.A. Recently John Høybye’s and Peder Pedersen’s version of Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concert for mixed choir, big band and soloist has been published by Warner Chappell Music. With the award "Choir Composer of the Year" in 1993 he was honoured for composing music with both quality and general public appeal. In 1999 he received the annual honour price from DJBFA - Danish Jazz, Beat and Folkmusic Autors.

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