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Cecilie Løveid

“I try to get my plays to be something more than a dream. What I write is not reality and not dream either – although dream is also part of our reality. It’s staged life-rituals.”
Cecilie Løveid (born in 1951, grew up in Bergen, Norway, lives in Copenhagen) is a versatile, innovative writer with a rich repertoire. Her work includes poetry, drama, opera libretti, children’s books and texts for dance and performance. Her plays have been performed several times here and abroad, on theatre stages and on radio and television. Cecilie Løveid writes in several genres, but in recent years she has mainly made her mark as a dramatist.
Some of the things that are characteristic of her as a dramatist are her breadth and her experiments, her
willingness to collaborate artistically, to test, question and mix different genres. The dramas are often poetic in form and dream and reality are often mixed.
Løveid’s work is coloured by her interest in women’s attempts to follow their instincts, whether they are sexual, intellectual, creative or biological. Løveid researches the lives of personalities in an attempt to understand who they really are. She immerses herself in the desire that drives the characters. This interest in the motive force behind things also applies to her treatment of the characters in Ophelias: Death by Water Singing.

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