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Åge Stentoft

Born: 1914 Died: 1990

Åge Stentoft was born in Holbæk May 1st 1914. His first intention was to be study law, but because of his lack of money, he started composing for commercials. In 1934 he became the composer and piano player at a revue theatre (”Co-optimisterne”). Later on, he became the director of many theatres in Copenhagen and for a period he was the co-producer on 26 Danish and foreign films. He even wrote the manuscript for many of them. In 1961 Åge Stontoft immigrated to Spain. With him, he took his piano so he would still be able to compose. In 1973 he returned to Denmark as director of the Tivoli Theatre, which he ran until his retirement in 1981. He went back to his home in Spain, where he lived until his death in 1990. Åge Stentoft was the composer of over 700 tunes for films, revues and musicals, many of which are still popular today. He was a vigorous and versatile person, who through a long life seemed to experience everything.


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