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Pia Raug

The singer, songwriter, poet and novelist Pia Raug has since the beginning of the 1970's appeared on scenes around Denmark. In 1978 she made her first recording debut with the album "Hej lille drøm" (Hello little dream). Pia Raug is still performing, not only with her own songs, but also as an interpreter of Danish hymns. These can be heard on the records "Håbet" (The Hope) from 1991 and "Ind under jul" (Just before Chistmas) from 1996. Pia Raug has composed the music to her own lyrics on several albums, for example "Farver og forvandlinger" (Colours and Changes) from 1998, which has also come out in a songbook published by Edition Wilhelm Hansen. She has also succeeded in her musical interpretation of the collection of poems "Det" (It) (1981) by the Danish poet Inger Christensen. Many of Pia Raug’s songs has become popular, but the best known among them all is "Regnvejrsdag i November" (Rainy Day in November) from 1978. With its fine lyrics by Ebba Munch and the tuneful melody by Pia Raug, it has become a national property.


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