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Kai Normann Andersen

Born: 1900 Died: 1967

There are hardly any Danes, who do not know the music by Kai Nomann Andersen (1900-67). He was a composer who wrote over 900 melodies, many of which have become evergreens. He is especially known and loved for his music to the Danish films, musical comedies and revues of the 30's, 40' and 50's. Today his popular tunes are still played on the radio, on television and at concerts. Singers and musicians of perform his songs interpreting them in the styles and genres of today. To texts by Mogens Dam and Poul Henningsen, Kai Normann Andersen created the music so that the pitch and rhythm would fit the content of the text. Most of the songs are composed and written so well, that we even today find them relevant.


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