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Per Nørgård : 10 Danske Sange - Viser, sange og salmer 1955-1987

Work Notes 10 Danish Songs 1955-1987, for voice and piano(or keyboard) is a collection printed in 1989, consisting of earlier songs in new versions. Two songs are from 9 Danske Sange. Opus 14 (Overstået angst;Mit løv, mit lille træ - Vedi´s Vuggevise), the rest from different vocal works. The composer arranged the songs in three section:

1. Du skal plante et træ. Text: Piet Hein
2. Året. Text: Ole Sarvig
3. Stjernespejl. Text: Ib Michael

4. Mit løv, mit lille træ (Vedi´s Vuggevise). Text: Johannes V. Jensen
5. Overstået angst. Text: Halfdan Rasmussen
6. Landskabsbillede. Text: Thorkild Bjørnvig
7. Sangleg.Text: Ole Sarvig
8. Drømmesang. Text: Finn Methling (after Chinese original)

10. Golgatha. Tekst af Bent Nørgård
Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen
Category Solo Voice(s) and up to 6 players
Solo Voice(s)
Voice, pn.
Orchestration Voice, pn.

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Full Score(s) WH 30072

Programme Note

TEN DANISH SONGS 1955-1987. For voice and piano (1989)

1. Du skal plante et træ. Tekst af Piet Hein
2. Året. Tekst af Ole Sarvig
3. Stjernespejl. Tekst af Ib Michael
4. Mit løv, mit lille træ. Tekst af Johannes V. Jensen
5. Overstået angst. Tekst af Halfdan Rasmussen
6. Landskabsbillede. Tekst af Thorkild Bjørnvig
7. Sangleg.Tekst af Ole Sarvig
8. Drømmesang. Tekst af Finn Methling (efter kinesisk forlæg)
10. Golgatha. Tekst af Bent Nørgård

This selection of songs with Danish texts covers a periode of nearly 35 years. My strofic songs and simple tunes serves as an constant understream in my production of larger instrumental works, operas and symphonies. I have never compesed songs on comission, and the source of inspiration is the same spontaneous as with my larger works. For some time I have felt the need for making a selection of these songs; they are presented here many of them with a new, revised piano part. Instead of a chronologic order I chose to group the songs in 3 catagories (“Nature”, “Man”, “God”), which might be useful for the users, people with small or big voices, supported by a keyboard player. Of course the songs can be used for concert programmes, but to know that are sung ´at home´ will make me even more happy!
Per Nørgård (1989)


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