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Per Nørgård : Flowering

Work Notes Based on the concerto for harp "through thorns". A version of Blomstring (Flowering) for flute and harpe is also possible
Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen
Category Solo Works (excluding keyboard)
Year Composed
Duration 6 Minutes
alt.: flute and harp

Programme Note

BLOMSTRING (Flowering), 2007 - for harp solo (or flute/harp-duo)

In my production some melodies appear in a number of works, due to the “fractal nature” of the so called infinity series that I found around 1960. Melodies from this garden of tone rows are both identical and variations of each other, in an almost prismatic way.
The melody “Flos in rosa floruit” was first heard in “Nova Genitura” for voices and ensemble (1975), and later in the 12 part choral work “Ut Rosa” and in the harp concerto no. 2 “..Through thorns” (2003) for harp and 6 instruments. Towards the end of the 20 minutes long concerto a kind of ´flowering of roses´ is finally heard. In the work “Blomstring” (Flowering) these ideas are developed to different melodies in a polyphonic web, which is also the background for the flexible instrumentation for the work, either for harp solo or for flute/harp duo.
The work is dedicated to Tine Rehling

Per Nørgård (2008)


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