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Per Nørgård : Märchenfarben

Work Notes Märchenfarben is a virtuoso concert piece for accordion ensemble, based on Nørgård´s “infinity rhythms”.
Two percussionists (ad lib) may join, and the ensemble may add singing Nørgårds simple choral song "Abendlied" (text by Adolf Wölfli)as a slow, relaxed first part of the work - under the title "Abendlied und Märchenfarben".
Wilhelm Hansen
Category Large Ensemble (7 or more players)
Year Composed
Duration 11 Minutes
acn ens. (2 perc. ad lib.)
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Full Score(s) WH 29691

Programme Note

MÄRCHENFARBEN for accordion ensemble (1980)

MÄRCHENFARBEN is a virtuoso piece for accordion ensemble, based on Nørgård´s “infinity series”, and a special multi-layered rhythm also heard in the composers well known choral work “Wie ein Kind” (second movement) from the same year, 1980.
This rhythm, with the onomatopoeic nickname ´pischop´, has a swaying and breathing quality, which seems well suited for an ensemble of accordions.
Two percussion parts – to be added ad lib. - are composed into Märchenfarben´s tone music of the accordions.
The piece was composed in 1980 for the very talented Det Danske Harmonika Ensemble and its leader Jeanette Dyremose – an ensemble that enlarged the instrumental piece with an introduction (as suggested by the composer), singing and playing Nørgård´s choral song “Abendlied” (1980) to a sunset idyllic poem by Adolf Wölfli (1864-1930), including here the word ´märchenfarben´, the title of the shimmering and colorful instrumental music to follow with Märchenfarben. The duration of Abendlied & Märchenfarben is around 15-17 minutes (5-6´ + 10-11´)


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