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Work Information

Per Nørgård : Requiem aeternam

Work Notes Requiem is part of PER NØRGÅRD: KORBOGEN (THE CHORAL BOOK), but also available as a special order.
Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen
Category Chorus a cappella / Chorus plus 1 instrument
Year Composed
Duration 5 Minutes
SATB (organ. ad lib.) chor
Languages Latin

Programme Note

Requiem aeternam - sung in Latin - is part of PER NØRGÅRD: KORBOGEN (THE CHORAL BOOK), but also available as a special order.
For further informations see under KORBOGEN – here a short information:

45 choral ballads, songs and motets for mixed choir (1952-1992)
Ed. Ivan Hansen (1992)

Per Nørgård: Korbogen (Per Nørgård: The Choral Book) presents a selection of shorter choral pieces by Per Nørgård, easier than the longer and more demanding choral works like “Wie ein Kind”, “Frost Psalm”, Ut Rosa”,“Mythic Morning”.
With The Choral Book you can make a set of Nørgård choral pieces for any occasion – sacred or profane.

The 45 choral songs are divided in four categories:

BALLADS: strophic lullabies, dance songs etcetera – to older anon. texts and new texts by Danish poets like Johannes V. Jensen, Frank Jæger, Jørgen Gustava Brandt, Piet Hein, Ole Sarvig.

BALLADS WITH PERCUSSION (ad lib): strophic tunes and dance songs – with texts by Walt Whitman, Per Nørgård, R.M. Rilke, Finn Methling, Inger Christensen og Adolf Wölfl. Choral songs with rhythmic drive, based on Nørgård´s special “infinity-rhythms”, to be played on all available hand drums, like congas, bongos, djembe etc. Often 2-3 players will do, and it could be good percussionist among the singers in the choir.

CHORAL SONGS: more elaborate choral compositions – to texts by Thøger Larsen, Nis Petersen, Haldan Rasmussen, Thorkild Bjørnvig, Erik Knudsen, Ib Michael, Michael Strunge, Adolf Wölfli og Pär Lagerkvist.

MOTETS: both simple strophic psalms an more elaborated motets – to texts from the Bible and by N.F.S. Grundtvig, Ole Sarvig, Bent Nørgård and Johannes Møllehave.

Per Nørgård : The Choral Book is available as a book, and song by song separate.

The songs in KORBOGEN are marked with a relative level of difficulty:
A (easy), B (medium difficult), C (difficult)

Some of the choral songs in Korbogen are also available in English and Latin versions (see under KORBOGEN).


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