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Jean Sibelius : The Maid in the Tower

Publisher Wilhelm Hansen
Opera and Music Theatre
Sub-Category Opera
Year Composed
Duration 37 Minutes
Solo Voice(s)
Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone
Chorus SATB chor
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Full Score(s) KP00928

Programme Note


Jungfrun - The Maid
Fogden - The Bailiff
Älskaren - The Lover
Slottsfruen - The Chatelaine


Cast in one act, this is a 'number opera' in eight scenes; based on a Finnish popular ballad it tells a tale of true love and justice. The Maiden loves her suitor but is imprisoned in a tower by the castle bailiff who desires her for himself. The locals consequently think that she must have lost her honour. Only her suitor still belives her to be innocent and pure. After the ensuing combat between him an the bailiff, the lady of the castle ordains that the young lovers be reunited.


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