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Vagn Holmboe : Hominis Dies, op.158a

Publisher Wilhelm Hansen
Chorus a cappella / Chorus plus 1 instrument
Year Composed 1984
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Full Score(s) WH29767

Programme Note

The text for the choral work "Hominis dies" is partly form the book of psalms, partly from Isaias in the Latin translation og the Bible.
The words are relevant today - they are about the fate of humanity - our fear of war and destruction, violence and polution.
We destroy ourselves and our surroundings, and only by changing our ways can we find peace and acquire a healthy relationship with Nature. The choral word ends with assuring that we can, if we want to, turn away from the negative violence and destruction and think better of it.
The choral work is divided in three parts, all of them introduced with a Halleluja. A Halleluja is most often a praise, but that is not the case in this work, where the suppressed and oppressed manking with this work express desperation and sorrow, but also hope.


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