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Per Nørgård : Waves

Publisher Wilhelm Hansen
Solo Works (excluding keyboard)
Year Composed 1969
15 Minutes
Orchestration perc
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Full Score(s) WH29176

Programme Note

WAVES (1969) for percussion solo
“Waves” is a study in drifting pulses and overlapping accents. A rather stabile repeated four note pattern (or sound or tone pattern, depending on the instrument used during the work) is played with different, slowly overlapping accents.
The technique expands ideas from my piano pieces Grooving (1968) and is further developed in works like “Arcana”, “Turn”, “Spell” and more. One may call it minimalistic, but I should rather call it an expansion or deeper concentration on the interferential phenonomen that I have inspired me since my first compositions, here for instance in the form of two rubber balls hopping on a large drum...Perhaps minimalistic, for sure interferential!
Per Nørgård

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