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Per Nørgård : The Cold Nights

Publisher Wilhelm Hansen
Solo Works (excluding keyboard)
Year Composed 1991
4 Minutes
Orchestration vc
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Full Score(s) KP00879

Programme Note

SENSOMMER-ELEGI (Late summer elegy) for cello solo (1991).
“Sommer-elegi” is a (late) summer solo, a loving and admiring greeting to the Danish cellist Morten Zeuthen, for his 40th birthday. With a special hint to the humor of our communication during the years the word ´elegy´ was added to the title. Of course there is no reason to complain because of Morten is now 40 years old, not at all. It is also a paraphrase on a line by the Danish poet, Frank Jaeger: “Late summer – my friend!”
Per Nørgård (1995)


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