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Per Nørgård : Clubs Among Jokers

Work Notes Tales from a hand (four suites for guitar solo) - suite III
Wilhelm Hansen
Category Solo Works (excluding keyboard)
Year Composed
Duration 10 Minutes
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Full Score(s) WH30274

Programme Note

CLUBS AMONG JOKERS (1989). For guitar solo.
The characteristic associations or different moods of the four types of playing cards - Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds - was the inspiration for the four guitar suites of “Tales From a Hand”:
1. In the Mood of Spades (1985)
2. The Queen of Hearts (1995)
3. Clubs among Jokers (1989)
4. Jack of Diamonds (2001)

The four suites can be performed as one work or separately.
Suite III - Clubs among Jokers: Of the two black card types (Clubs and Spades) Clubs is marked by three leaves, like a clover. So in each of the three Clubs-movements one mutual main theme dominates, but in one, two and three-part polyphony, respectively (each using a fugue technique), the last one doubling the symbol of 3 (3, 9, 27, 81- ) in different ways.

I.Unbound – 1 of Clubs.
II.First Cadence – a Joker.
III. United – 2 of Clubs.
IV. Second Cadence – another Joker.
V.Exalted – 3 of Clubs.
The character is rather dark, but soft.
Between the main movements, two quasi-improvised Joker-movements (try to) transform this dark mood into something more jocular.
Per Nørgård (2008)


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