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Per Nørgård : Turn

Publisher Wilhelm Hansen
Solo Keyboard(s)
Year Composed 1973
15 Minutes
Orchestration pf
alt.: hpd
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Full Score(s) WH29677

Programme Note

TURN (1973) - for a keyboard instrument solo (clavichord, harpsichord or piano).

The title refers to the permanent ´turning´ of a musical figure, the re-turning of which is accompanied by a small change. the result of many changings being a quite new figure Thus small groups of notes are turned by means of gradual alterations in the accents – until a new melodic pattern has emerged. The title also refers to the expression from these years, to ´turn you on´ and the work is related to my Trio “Spell” from the same year.
Per Nørgård

Information: With both piano works “Grooving” and “Turn” being revised in 2009 a performances of Grooving and (attacca) Turn is suggested by the composer as an extra possibility. This combination only for piano.


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