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Per Nørgård : Returns

Work Notes Returns was the point of departure for a later version for flute and guitar (called "Mating Dance").
Wilhelm Hansen
Category Solo Works (excluding keyboard)
Year Composed
Duration 11 Minutes
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Full Score(s) WH29441

Programme Note

RETURNS (1976) - for guitar solo.

Returns (1976) is a work for solo guitar with a focus on rhythm, a piece in one movement divided in three sections (with energy – reflective - with energy). The melodies grow out of the changing accents in a series of dynamic developed four tone patterns, and the swinging, swaying rhythms are often based on the Golden Section (near to the relations 2:3:5:8:13 et cetera, known as the Fibonacci series), instead of the normal regular rhythms and durations of 2-4-8 (or 3-6).
The title gives a hint about the wave-like nature of the music. Like waves with its layer-upon-layer expresses an eternal return with eternal, small changes so the music develops layers-upon-layers of related motifs, themes and formal sections, making it possible for the musician to, so to speak, grow into the music.

Per Nørgård (2008)


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