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Per Nørgård : Sketches, op.25a

Publisher Wilhelm Hansen
Solo Keyboard(s)
Year Composed 1959
3 Minutes
Orchestration pf
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Full Score(s) WH28333

Programme Note

Per Nørgård: Four Sketches, Opus 25a for piano (1959)

Four Sketches, Opus 25a from 1959, is dedicated to Anelise Knudsen (formerly Nørgård)
and was premiered by Anker Blyme on March 6, 1960 at the State Museum of Arts
– along with Nine Studies.

Four Sketches can be constructed as a – very little – little sister to Nine Studies,
composed the same year! As in the Studies, I used the above-mentioned construction
technique related to the medieval Color/Talea-practice: a melodic sequence
is paired with a rhythmic sequence that always has one duration less than
that of the numbers of notes. The Four Sketches,however, are light and transparent
in comparison with the complex density of the Nine Studies. The movements have the
following designations:

1. Freely flowing
2. Capricious
3. Moving – Slow (without steady tempo)
4. Gracefully reserved

In Sketch No. 3, the complete tone-row from Sketch No. 1 is heard again, but here
more vaguely and with chords making an appearance analogous to the third and
fourth movements of the later composed Fragments I-IV”.¨

Per Nørgård, 2009

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