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Per Nørgård : Two pieces for three guitars (Songtime, Playtime)

Publisher Wilhelm Hansen
Works for 2-6 Players
Year Composed 1992
8 Minutes
Orchestration 3gtr
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Programme Note

Per Nørgård: 2 PIECES FOR 3 GUITARS.
1. SONGTIME (1982)
2. PLAYTIME (1986) - ´Hommage à Jacques Tati´

“Songtime” is a short prelude, simple and melodious, introducing the theme of Playtime,
"Playtime" - Hommage a Jacques Tati” unfolds the simple and melodious melody in richly developed arabesques, superimposing three rhythmical layers in tempo relations following the Golden Mean (near to the Fibonacci numbers 2:3:5:8:13 etc.)

As in any movie there is a (kind of) story or plot in the few, unique films by Jaques Tati (1907-82), for instance his Playtime from 1967, but the story is not that important, as the focus is on the relations between the persons. In a similar way my piece Playtime has a foreground of different light or bright motifs and a (more important) background created by the changing relations between these motifs. Thus my tribute to Tati in the title.
Per Nørgård

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