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Work Information

Per Nørgård : Dream Play

Publisher Wilhelm Hansen
Sub-Category Chamber Orchestra
Year Composed
Duration 10 Minutes
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Programme Note

DREAM PLAY(1975/rev. 1980) for chamber orchestra

Dream Play was composed in the wake of “Symphony No 3” for choir and orchestra (1972-75), and is related to orchestral works like “Twilight” (1977) and my opera “Siddharta” (1975-79).
The piece could seen as a tournament of a dream where the participants may stand up to one another, but do so in order to take pleasure in their differences – not to crush one another. Here for example a David and a Goliath can meet to the great pleasure of both parties. And now and then the participants stop showing off to one another – and instead abandon themselves to the fondest embraces.
At the formal level the succeeding passages can be regarded as a series of variations.
Per Nørgård (1980)


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