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Poul Ruders : Oboe Concerto

Publisher Wilhelm Hansen
Soloist(s) and Large Ensemble (7 or more players)
Year Composed 1998
20 Minutes
Solo Instrument(s) Oboe
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Full Score(s) WH 30497

Programme Note

Poul Ruders: Oboe Concerto

The Small concerto for solo oboe and chamber orchestra was commissioned by The Royal Library of Copenhagen for the inauguration of a concert hall located at the new library annex, the so-called Black Diamond, September 1999.
The work as such focuses more on the contemplative and sonorously introvert, rather than more virtuosity; it is in four movements, what could be called four little tone-poems on (and inspired by) the names of the four moon craters known as: Lake of Dream - Ocean of Storms - Sea of Tranquillity - Lake of Death, four enigmatic and deeply fascinating ancient conceptions of the landscape on this our closest, but at the same time most legendary and myth-shrouded celestial body.
The work was composed in 1998 for Athelas-Sinfonietta Copenhagen and Swedish obo virtuoso Helen Jahren. The work was dedicated to Helen Jahren.

Poul Ruders, March 1999


  • It's a significant concerto, period, that creates a strong, alternative route for other composers to follow
    David Patrick Stearns, artsJournalblogs, 10/04/2013
  • Four images of lunar landscapes form a course of life where dreams evolve into storms and eventually die
    Jens Brincker, Berlingske Tidende, 08/09/1999


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