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Poul Ruders : Dramaphonia

Publisher Wilhelm Hansen
Soloist(s) and Large Ensemble (7 or more players)
Year Composed 1987
24 Minutes
Solo Instrument(s) Piano
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Full Score(s) WH30293

Programme Note


DRAMAPHONIA for piano solo and 11 instruments forms the first part of a trilogy of solo-concertos, the remaining two being one for percussion and smaller symphony orchestra (MONODRAMA) and the last (POLYDRAMA) for violoncello and full orchestra. All three pieces are in one movement each and may be performed together, thus presenting a vast "concerto grosso" of the duration of one hour and a half.
Each concerto, however, stands by itself, offering its own story: having employed the word "drama" in all three pieces, I naturally want to imply that something is "going on", a series of hidden events created by each listener’s own "inner theatre" which enables him to stage his own, personal associations, and in the case of DRAMAPHONIA, the compositorical tension alters between action and frozen panoramas.
In the percussion concerto, the rhythmical progression is being constantly intensified, whereas the metric proportions of Dramaphonia tighten and loosen, like a magnifying glass being wielded in and out of focus.
DRAMAPHONIA is commissioned and dedicated to LONTANO and Poul Rosenbaum.

Poul Ruders


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