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Poul Ruders : Throne

Publisher Wilhelm Hansen
Works for 2-6 Players
Year Composed 1988
13 Minutes
Orchestration cl, pf
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Full Score(s) KP00190

Programme Note

Poul Ruders: THRONE

THRONE (1988) for Clarinet and Piano was composed on a commission from the Swedish clarinetist Håkon Rosenberg. Structurally it is organized in an arch form. Although it begins in the piano of the work can be considered as one long clarinet solo, where the piano’s role is that of extending and mirroring the clarinet, both in register and motif. As such the piano is treated as a monody throughout, until the last warm B Major chord embraces the final notes of the clarinet. On the title page the composer tells us that Throne is Elevation, Unity, Diamonds, Crown, Glory, Velvet, Frailty, Decline, Oblivion, Nothing.
In short TRHONE is and abstract tone-poem on the transitoriness of Life.

Poul Ruders 1988


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