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Vagn Holmboe : Concerto for Violin no.2, op.139

Publisher Wilhelm Hansen
Soloist(s) and Orchestra
Year Composed 1979
25 Minutes
Solo Instrument(s) Violin
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Full Score(s) WH30869
Reduced Score(s) WH30869D
Solo Part(s) WH30869C

Programme Note

The Violin concerto was composed during the winter 1978-79 especially for Anton Kontra.
There are 3 movements: First an extensive and varied dark allegro with the solo violin sometimes in contrast to the orchestra, sometimes influenced by it and once more emancipated and improvisation-like.
2nd movement, adagio, is lyrical but intense in its expression and ends with a cadence which leads directly to the concluding allegro molto where the solo violin is frisky and to some extent dominates the music to its end.

Vagn Holmboe


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