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Per Nørgård : The Colour is Dark

Work Notes A version for harp solo of the harp concerto nr. 1 "King, Queen and Ace"
Wilhelm Hansen
Category Solo Works (excluding keyboard)
Year Composed
Orchestration hp
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Full Score(s) KP01319

Programme Note

Per Nørgård : THE COLOUR IS DARK - 5 pieces for harp solo(1989)

This piece for harp solo, the colour is dark, is based on my harp concerto no. 1 "King, Queen and Ace".

1. Preludium (Prelude)
2. Spar Konge (King of Spades)
3. Preludium II (Second prelude)
4. Spar Dame (Queen of Spades)
5. Spar Es (Ace of Spades)

The music reflects my impressions of the three well-known playing cards: the King of Spades, is, to my mind, severe with a natural and unshakeable dignity (Thesis). On the other hand, the Queen of Spades, in her femininity, feels less at home with the court's serenity (Antithesis). The music of the Queen of Spades is tender and elegiac. Synthesis is achieved with the image of the Ace of Spades, the Ace symbolizing the absolute ruler - and at the same time displaying the innocence and simplicity of "Beginning" (no. 1). The music is a sort of Sensual Psalm - or perhaps a Holy Waltz?
Interludes are connecting the three main movements.

Per Nørgård


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