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Per Nørgård : Identitets-problemer

Work Notes Identity problems(1995/2003), the ensemble work " It´s all his fancy that"(1992/1996) and "Through the looking glass - I" for trumpet/piano(1992)are all inspired by Lewis Caroll´s stories about Alice.
Wilhelm Hansen
Category Solo Works (excluding keyboard)
Year Composed
Duration 8 Minutes
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Programme Note

Identity problems – 5 movements for solotrombone (1995/2003)

Like the trombone itself, consisting of two very different parts, all 5 movements present a conflict - an identity problem - between two very contrasting drives.

The piece , like my “Through the mirror” (1992) for trompet and piano and “It's All His Fancy, That” (1992-95) for trompet, trombone and piano is inspired by Levis Caroll´s stories about Alice.
Identity problems is dedicated to Niels-Ole Bo Johansen
Per Nørgård (2003)

The song of the turtle soup.
The Mock Turtle sighed deeply and began, in a voice choked with sobs, to sing this:
”Beautiful Soup, so rich and green, Waiting in a hot tureen" (p.98 – pic. 92)

Elegy of the Mock Turtle.
“Once” said the Mock Turtle at last, with a deep sigh, ”I was a real Turtle” (p.88 – pic. p.89)

All this time Tweedledee was trying his best to fold up the umbrella with himself in it; (p.165 – pic. 165)

”Which dreamed it?”
”Your Red Majesty shouldn´t purr so loud,” Alice said, rubbing her eyes, and addressing the kitten, respectfully, yet with some severity.

- ”If they would only purr for ”yes” and mew for ”no”, or any rule of that sort” (p.231– pic 232)
” Which was which”.
The Lion and the Unicorn were fighting. They were in such a cloud of dust, that at first Alice could not make out which was which. (p.194 – pic. 196 and 197)


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