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Peter Bruun : The Same Fountain

Publisher Wilhelm Hansen
Sub-Category Large Orchestra
Year Composed
Duration 19 Minutes
Availability Hire  Explain this...

Programme Note

The title of the work comes from the mini-opera Miki Alone, which I composed in the summer of 2002. The libretto for the opera was written by the author Ursula Andkjær Olsen. In one of the songs the main character, the woman Miki, sings: "....If only I could, but I cannot even ... jump in the same fountain twice. For even if the water is the same. something will have changed. My saliva from last time has been spit out." The title was chosen because the orchestral piece - especially the first movement - works to a great extent with musical ideas from the opera. These are small, very simple and (I hope) clearly comprehensible rhythmic patterns that are constantly repeated. But something shifts: some of the parts play across the pulse so you get a skewed hopping or "limping" rhythmic pattern. The Same Fountain has three movements. The second movement is slow, with a number of solos and duos in winds and solo violin - in the middle of the movement there is a short, quick section. The third movement is again repeated rhythmic patterns, now in a fast, almost hectic tempo. The melodic material in the piece is like the rhythmic material: simple motifs that are constantly repeated with small variations. It is "the same fountain" - the same small rhythmic and melodic figures keep bubbling up and foaming below the surface of the music. Often the same sound-space - the same range of notes - is maintained over a long stretch. At the same time there is always something that shifts and changes so that the music flows.

Peter Bruun.


  • “Bruun works with simple, brief motifs that are easily grasped by the listener in the repetitions of the music, framed in a harmony that has the tonal feel of major and minor and makes the music sound good.
    An important element in the work is the rhythms, which shift and change dramatically. Sometimes the music seems abruptly pieced together with a staccato-like breathlessness, in contrast to the more flowing calm of the middle movement. With its close interrelationships in its varied development, Peter Bruun’s Det samme Springvand (The Same Fountain) is a well wrought work that one would like to hear several times.”
    Ole Lauritzen, Fyns Stiftstidende, 12/04/2003


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