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Per Nørgård : Day And Night

Work Notes 2 short songs (tetxs: Ted Hughes, William Shakespeare)for alto, piano (and cello ad lib.).
The second song (How silver sweet) also available in a version (original high version) for soprano and piano.
Wilhelm Hansen
Category Solo Voice(s) and up to 6 players
Year Composed
Duration 4 Minutes
Solo Voice(s)
Orchestration pf, vc ad lib

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Full Score(s) KP00375

Programme Note

DAY AND NIGHT (1982) – to short songs for alto, piano (and cello ad lib.).
The contrasting constellation of these two poems (Ted Hughes´ ”A Kill” and William Shakespeare´s ”How Silver sweet sound”, from Romeo and Juliet, act 2, III) do not call for much explanation by the composer: the world´s woes in Hughes´ poem (in the form of delivery problems during a child’s birth) is follow by the balsamic words of love – to the night – by Shakespeare. Another ode to the night might have been chosen, I do not know any other that, in so few words, creates such an atmosphere of love and enchanted night as this poem by Shakespeare.
Per Nørgård

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