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Andy Pape : Fiasali Dreaming

Publisher Wilhelm Hansen
Solo Voice(s) and up to 6 players
Year Composed 2001
12 Minutes
Solo Instrument(s) mezzo soprano
cl, perc, pf, va, db, live electronics
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Full Score(s) KP01133
Set(s) of Parts KP01134

Programme Note

It is my intention that this piece should represent a dream sequence. The text is therefore non-intelligible in any semantic sense, in the same way that most dreams are. It is also my ambition that the actual music is unintelligible (irrational), which is a very different matter alltogether. It could easíly be maintained that all music is irrational and therefore unintelligible. It is my hope that the text in connection with the four delays create a spacial musical unreality or distance, which ceases at the very end of the piece where all delays and amplification stop and we again can "wake up".

Andy Pape.


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