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Poul Ruders : Event Horizon

Publisher Wilhelm Hansen
Solo Keyboard(s)
Year Composed 2001
5 Minutes
Orchestration pf
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Full Score(s) KP01110

Programme Note

The name Event Horizon was coined by the brilliant British physicist Stephen Hawking to describe the circumference of a so-called "black hole", the remains of a collapsed star with a gravity-pull so powerful, so that not even light can escape from it.
This 5-minute study for piano has - needles to say - nothing to do with black holes, but the term "event horizon" fascinates med and strikes me as near-perfect description of virtually any stretch of organized sound evolving in time, e.g. a musical composition with a strong linear focus.
So - "Event Horizon" it is, as seamless composition of high density, evolving in three parts: swingning-ricocheting-sweeping, a musical journey of speed, from fast to furiously fast, a study based on a high economical compositional material constantly renewing itself, the hands running parallel, separating, meeting again. The discreetest use of pedaling is advised ...

Poul Ruders May 2001


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