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Per Nørgård : Suite for Martin

Publisher Wilhelm Hansen
Works for 2-6 Players
Year Composed 1967
tsx (or fl), pf, acn
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Full Score(s) KP00041

Programme Note

SUITE FOR MARTIN (1967) for tenor sax (or flute), amplified accordion and prepared piano.

Some of my works are created in several stages, where an earlier work or movement are reborn or recomposed as part of a new work.
For instance “Suite for Martin” (1967) for saxophone, amplified accordion and prepared piano – also used in a Danish documentary film “Kongens Enghave” - was rearranged by me in 2004 in a new instrumentation for saxophone, cello and piano, and named MELANCOLIA (duration 12 minutes), which became the third movement (with the title MALINCONIA) in an enlarged version from 2005 with the title DELTA (duration around 20 minutes).

A delta is, be nature, moving outwards or rather downwards, downstream.
This movement is characteristic for all three works mentioned.

SUITE FOR MARTIN for saxophone, amplified accordion and prepared piano consists of six shorter sections moving towards a still more dark sound and atmosphere and finally completes the direction downwards in a black edged pessimism (and a “black sound”).

Per Nørgård (2005)


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