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Per Nørgård : 9 Danish Songs, op.14

Work Notes For voice and piano, to texts by Danish poets:
1. Overstået angst (Halfdan Rasmussen)
2. Tordenbygen (Thøger Larsen)
3. Den jyske blæst (Johannes V. Jensen)
4. Fred (Halfdan Rasmussen)
5. Min sjæl er som en enlig bæk (Joh. Jørgensen)
6. Landskab (Thøger Larsen)
7. Vinternat (Jens August Schade)
8. På Himmelbjerget (Jens August Schade)
9. Vedi´s Vuggevise – Mit løv, mit lille træ (Johannes V. Jensen).
No. 1-4 composed 1955.
No. 5-8 composed 1956-57.
No. 9 composed 1958 (for voice/guitar) can be combined with the JORGOS and MEGAMORD from 1962-63 in the work HORRORS IN POGRESS. No. 9 also in versions for mixed choir and piano ad lib. (1975), for voice and piano (1982) og for mixed choir (1992, printed in KORBOGEN).
Choral versions of 1. Overstået angst and 6. Landskab also in in KORBOGEN.
Later versions of No. 9 Vedi´s vuggeviuse (Mit løv, mit lille træ) and 1. Overstået angst in 10 DANSKE SANGE 1955-1987 for voice and piano 1989).

Six of the song in Opus 14 are printed with both Danish/English text with the title
6 SONGS - with Danish and English texts from Op. 14:
1.Vinternat/Winter Night (Jens August Schade)
2. På Himmelbjerget/On the Himmelberg (Jens August Schade)
3. Landskab/Landscape (Thøger Larsen)
4. Min sjæl er som en enlig bæk/My soul is like a lonely brook (Thøger Larsen)
5. Tordenbygen/The Thunderstorm (Thøger Larsen)
6. Den jyske blæst/The Jutland wind(Johannes V. Jensen)
Wilhelm Hansen
Category Solo Voice(s) and up to 6 players
Solo Instrument(s)
1 voice
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