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Anders Brødsgaard

© Marianne Grøndahl
Born: 1955

Anders Brødsgaard was born in 1955 and studied piano from 1974 at the Funen Academy of Music with Rosalind Bevan as teacher. From 1979 he studied contemporary piano music with Elisabeth Klein in Copenhagen and piano at the Royal Danish Academy of Music with Anker Blyme. He studied composition at the Jutland Academy of Music with Karl Aage Rasmussen, Per Nørgård and Hans Abrahamsen, and music theory with Orla Vinther. Anders Brødsgaard took part in the 'Ferienkurse' in Darmstadt in 1978 and 1982 and has participated in composition courses with Sven-David Sandström and Edison Denissov. Anders Brødsgaard began by writing rigorously structured pieces, inspired by the serial composers of the 50s (above all Karlheinz Stockhausen) with the wind quintet ORAM as an extreme example. From POLTERGEIST (1989) a more natural and spontaneous compositional style breaks out. In the more recent pieces he has been working with more fundamental musical phenomenons like tonality and pulse and he is still inspired by the post-Pythagorean idea of a musical continuum between the musical parameters. Anders Brødsgaard's music has been performed at the YOUNG NORDIC MUSIC-Festivals, at the NUMUS-festival, at the LERCHEN-BORG Festival, at MUSIKHØST in Odense, NEW MUSIC IN SUSÅ and at festivals and concerts arranged by DANISH RADIO, FUNEN YOUNG TONE ARTISTS (portrait concert in 1988), the DANISH YOUNG TONE ARTISTS (DUT) and at foreign festivals in Germany, Poland and Japan and he has received commissions from among others Danish Radio, Lerchenborg Festival, The Danish Young Tone Artists, the State's Art Council and Nordic Conservatory Council.

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